Our Objectives

The primary objective of the Brahma Vidya Ashrama is to awaken the spiritual consciousness in man. Within the framework of objectives drawn, we may take up any activity which can serve our primary objective.

  • To promote and propagate the study of Vedanta and to establish the relevance of Vedic philosophy to modern times.
  • To inform and inspire people towards holistic living as pointed out by various scriptures and masters from time to time.
  • To promote the cultural growth of humanity on the basis of ever-lasting spiritual values of life.
  • To provide a forum for healthy interaction between east and west through research on comparative religions and philosophies.
  • To spread the message of Truth and Unity underlying the religions of the world.
  • To encourage and extend possible cooperation with other institutions with similar objectives.
  • To maintain a shrine for the purpose of meditation, prayer and other religious activities.
  • To maintain a library, reading room and publication wing to handle printing, publication, distribution and sale of relevant literature.
  • To maintain a center (ashram) well equipped with essential facilities and establish branches if necessary, to meet the above objectives.
  • To act in furtherance to the above objectives provided that none of the activities shall be carried on for profit.
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