The ashram shall be a field of quest and expression for those who seek. It shall cater to those who are physically fit and mentally prepared to lead an austere life. Through mutual love and respect, we shall be bound by a yogic lifestyle and simple living. We shall have regular sessions of meditations, vedic chantings, discussions on holy texts, performance of rituals and devotional services. As and when possible, we shall be exposed to related areas of Vedic wisdom.

Our focus shall be more on subjective unfoldment than mere accumulation of scriptural knowledge. If you are eager to learn, willing to question, daring to reform, work hard with sincerity, grow with faith, surrender with devotion, accommodate with love and live with convictions, we shall let the wisdom reveal itself to us!

Temple Revival


India is a land of temples. From the very ancient times, the temples of India have drawn lots of people from across the globe not only for the purpose of spiritual quest, but also for their aesthetic beauty, architectural marvel and religious education. Unfortunately, in today's times many temples are in a state of ruin and neglect due to lack of funds or resources, absence of guidance or sheer apathy from the people in general. Even if a new temple is to be built, it shall not be spared of decadence over a period of time.

With this in mind; we call for those individuals, institutions or trusts, which are in possession of such old temples and are willing to donate to our Foundation. The donors will also be made members to the trust, that will undertake activities of religious and spiritual orientation and give it a new lease of life. Resources permitting, a centre for scriptural study can be planned around the premises.


Advaita Foundation also proposes to work with like minded organizations already engaged in similar activities or where our mutual assistance can be beneficial.

Projects can be Time based (Ex - Providing training and expertise for a stipulated time for an organization) or Idea based (Ex - setting up a Vedic patashala or an Indological Research Centre).

Projects should take the form of active collaboration such that it enriches both the organizations. Sharing of manpower and resources will be worked out based on the strengths needed for the fulfillment of the project.

We can also consider complete take over of certain projects if such an offer or need arises. In such cases, we will have the project verified by our experts and their opinions considered. Such projects taken over will be governed under the managing committee of Advaita Foundation under which it shall begin operations anew. All legalities and rights thenceforth shall rest with Advaita Foundation.

Corporate Assistance


Wisdom associates is a project of Advaita Foundation providing professional services to the corporate sector in the areas of Human Resource Management. Our team of qualified professionals is drawn from diverse backgrounds such as Finance, Management, legal affairs, software development and also fine arts & architecture. Our team works with a fluid hierarchical structure enhancing and supplementing the contribution of all its members.

We draw our inspiration from the Vedic heritage and seek to implement the wisdom of our ancient teachings to the ever evolving world of modernity. In doing so, we shall not only prove the living vitality of the so-called dead past, but also their relevance in our times.

Our range of services include -

  • Operations management
  • Business strategy & Public Relations
  • Advertising and concept creation
  • Effective policy implementation
  • Networking and marketing assistance
  • IT & systems implementation
  • Investment, Banking & Finance consultancy
  • Research and educational guidance


A project of Advaita Foundation

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