Organization & its people         

An organization is a living entity. Some of them die when the founder ceases to exist. This is because it is the founder who infuses it with life. Yet some organizations continue to function even after the founder is gone because the members keep it alive. So at the center of the organisation is a living force, a spirit unseen, a guiding influence. It is not in buildings, advertisements, the number of members it can boast of, not even in its lofty ideals. It lives in people who belong to it by the virtue of imbibing its ideals. We may be inspired by what the organization stands for, may also be active workers for it, but if we remain untouched by the actualization of its vision within us, our belonging to the organisation is not of much credit. We merely add to the head count and nothing more.

An organization and its members have a symbiotic relationship. They nourish and grow together and are mutually benefited. It is also like the relationship between that of a whole and its parts. Just as weak parts cannot make the whole strong, inefficient members cannot make an effective organization. At the same time, the whole needs to be healthy to strengthen all its parts. Likewise, the principles and ideals of the organization are to be noble and inspiring if it has to guide its members to fruitful achievements.


It is not enough to merely have a vision. We need to work towards achieving that vision. Maybe the vision is too high, no problem. Let’s try to reach it. Maybe it seems impossible. That’s o.k. Let us give our best. Maybe we can’t translate it in totol. Not necessary! Then we will have nothing else to do! Can it inspire us? Can it keep us going? Are we attuned to it? If so, we are then on the right track.

Generally, the founder of the organization being a visionary gives a vision. It is this vision which brings a few people together. They in turn might have something to contribute, share or even argue upon! And then slowly, the vision takes a form at the physical plane. Today a vision has brought us together. How we go about henceforth depends on many factors. But primarily on the conviction and clarity we have of the ideals and our willingness to live them. The rest will unfold…………….



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